Sana's VR Experience

Sana's VR Experience Online Manual

(Updated on 9-28-2015)

---Welcome to Sana's VR Experience!---
Be sure to look forward when launching the application and when switching scenes.

Make sure to be using Oculus runtime and up to date graphics drivers.

---Control Options---
Press Esc key to close application quickly.

There are 4 different control methods in the game. Mouse, WASD, Arrow Keys and Numpad.

To use Numpad inputs you may need to toggle Numlock. If you choose this method the numpad arrows are used to orbit the camera.

Mouse Controls
Camera Orbit - Mouse
Adjust Zoom - Scroll Wheel
Next Scene - Right Mouse
Previous Scene - Left Mouse

WASD Controls
Camera Orbit - WASD
Adjust Zoom - Q,E
Next Scene - Tab
Previous Scene - Left Shift

Arrow Key Controls
Camera Orbit - Arrow Keys
Adjust Zoom - Page Up, Page Down
Next Scene - End
Previous Scene - Home

Numpad Controls
Camera Orbit - Numpad Arrows
Adjust Zoom - Numpad +, Numpad -
Next Scene - Numpad *
Previous Scene - Numpad /

If you notice any visual issues please try restarting the application.

If you have multi-monitor setup, it is recommended to keep one enabled when using mouse controls. The mouse cursor may wander off screen and make the application lose focus.
---Suggested Configuration---
Oculus DK2 (DK1 or other VR systems not supported)
Oculus Runtime V. Beta

Oculus offical suggested PC specification is Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD290, i5-4590 and 8GB of Ram. We support this recomendation.

However we know not all users match this spec and have provided 4 graphic quality settings to help users with less powerful hardware. If the viewing experience is not smooth, relaunch the application using lower settings.

Older IntelHD cards are not supported! But for example at lowest quality settings IntelHD 4600 can run without VR Mode. However there are too many IntelHD cards of varying performance, so may it not work for others. This was just an example to show that if you have a relatively modern gaming capable card this application should work fine.

Tested on:
i5 2320K, AMD 6900 Series 2GB, 8GB Ram
i7 4770k, Nvidia GTX 760 2GB, 8GB Ram
i7 4700k, Intel HD 4600 (No VR Support)

While this application will operate without VR hardware, it is designed for a VR experience.

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