MechDefense Online Manual

PellonGames 2015
The popular defense style game play for Oculus Rift has finally arrived! Place various weaponry within the VR world to protect your city from the invading aliens!

The year is 2409. Civilization has lived through various hardships, but none like what is to happen. Aliens invade to rid of the human race. It is your job as a mechanic and soldier to save humankind from the invading hoards!

- Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2
- Intel Core i5 or greater
- Windows XP or greater
- 8GB system RAM
- 1GB video RAM
- 500MB disk space

Keyboard Functions
ESC Pause
Q Sell
E Upgrade
W/A/S/D Movement (↑/←/↓/→)
G Use
V Recentering
left click Shoot
right click Shop
space Jump
※Camera control found on controller.

Xbox 360 controller
left stick Movement
right stick Camera
Y Jump
X Menu
A Use
B Shop
back Recentering
start Pause
LB Sell
RB Upgrade
RT Shoot

※1: Upon start-up, please select the screen size, graphic quality and windowed or not for display.

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