How do I censor my content for Japanese audiences?


Mosaic blurring certain areas of models used in virtual reality applications is required by Japanese law. Any experiences that will be sold in the Japanese market must adhere to Japanese censorship laws. Specifically, the censorship must be applied to front and rear genital areas below the waist. For your convenience, we have provided a Unity package for Unity developers and a pixelation guide with illustrated steps on how to apply censorship.


In Unity, import the ImagineVR_pixelation.unitypackage asset bundle attached to this article. Then go to Tools → Apply Pixelation. You will be given the option to apply the pixelation to all objects called “PixelatedObject” and/or to all selected objects in the scene that contain a renderer. This way, if you have not named the object appropriately, you can still apply the shader. The script will also add a Quad to the
camera that turns on whenever the camera enters a pixilated object so that the pixelation is
maintained. You can alternately set this to be a fade-to-black instead of a mosaicking. Selecting
“Use Blackfade” will allow this.


To implement mosaicking in Unreal Engine, please follow the guidelines set forth in this link: Please ensure that the censorship applies, either via full-camera mosaicking or fading to black, when the camera enters a censored area.

Best Practices

Test your scene to ensure the pixelation works and then submit your compiled project.
Here are some guidelines for using the pixelation tool.

  • Please put a mosaic over entire regions
  • To comply with applicable laws, mosaic should be the equivalent of :
    • 6 pixels for 560x400 and 640x480 resolution product
    • 8 pixels for 800x600 resolution product
    • 12 pixels for 1280 x 1024 pixel
    • Other than that, overall 1/100 pixel for the resolution
  • Using the ImagineVR provided pixelation tool, the amount of mosaicking can be controlled by selecting the pixelated object, expanding the shader for the material, and adjusting the X and Y values. Higher values give a larger mosaic pixelation.
    • Please use good judgment in pixelating the genital regions and do not reduce the X and Y values below the default values of 0.01.
    • The default values should be good for most scenes.
  • You can also use 'fill' shaders instead of pixelation/mosaicking if you so desire.


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